Teaching Experience

ECON 448 Employment and Public Policy (undergraduate). Instructor, Yale University, Fall, 2017.
ECON 680 Public Finance I (doctoral). Guest lecturer for Amanda Kowalski, Yale University, Fall, 2016.
ECON 881 Learning (doctoral). Guest lecturer for Peter Arcidiacono, Duke University, Spring 2015.
ECON 208D Econometrics (undergraduate). TA for Duncan Thomas, Duke University, Fall 2012.

Teaching Statement

My research interest in higher education is partially driven by my belief that higher education can profoundly improve the lives of individuals and can strengthen and enrich society as a whole.  Instructing students is a huge responsibility—one I do not take lightly.  I approach teaching with energy, thoroughness, and ingenuity so my students receive the full benefit of higher education.  Specifically, my approach to teaching is guided by three principles:   First, to instruct a student, you must think like that student.  Second, passive learning is neither fun nor productive.  Third, rigorous derivations and intuition are complements—not substitutes.

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